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"On Christ the solid rock we stand all other ground is sinking sand!"

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Rev. Dean Yocum, President

As a teen I could see the blessings and abundance of life God had given me as a result of my deeply embedded faith. It has both been a calling of God and a joy to focus my endeavors around the spiritual needs of teens.

Why Solid Rock Youth Ministries?

As a youth director and youth pastor in many churches and church related programs my efforts were always focused on teens who did not have a church home. Unfortunately, this led to neglecting the needs of the teens in the local church which I was overseeing. In thoughtful and prayerful considerations the Lord opened my heart to see the need for a youth ministry concentrating its efforts on teens who, truly, have not been involved with a church youth program. Solid Rock Youth Ministries offers teens a chance to discover the grace, love, and blessings God wants to give them without the encumbrance of denominational polities and confusing religious practices. We teach kids to build their lives solely on seeking God's will. A life which exemplifies the teens talents, skills, and gifts. Ultimately helping teens to desire the need to participate in a Church of their choice. Every time a student seeks to be involved in a local church of their choice, Solid Rock Youth Ministries has fully completed it mission.

My personal Solid Rock motto is:

"Let the CHURCH teach the CHURCHED, and Solid Rock Youth Ministries find and prepare the UNCHURCHED for the CHURCH.


  • BA in Educational Ministries, Southern California College
  • MNM in Masters of Non-profit Managment, Regis University

Youth Experience:

  • Solid Rock Youth Ministries (6 years Co-Founder)
  • Church Youth Director (4 years)
  • Young Teens Camp Director (2 years)

Rev. Keven Winder, Vice-President

Hey everyone! I'm Keven, one of the Directors of Solid Rock, and I'm really glad you stopped by our website to check us out. I'm a fun loving, God-fearing (and apparently cliché-using minister who is working hard to try to make this world, and the world to come, a better place for teens and their families.

Why Solid Rock Youth Ministries?

Solid Rock, as you'll find out, is an extremely specialized ministry designed to supplement youth ministry that is found in the local church. In my decade or so of youth ministry, I've never seen anything quite like it, and thankfully it's here at the right time. Take a careful look around you at contemporary teens and their families; the realities of their lives will astonish you. Solid Rock is not threatened, offended, or dissuades by these realities, rather with honesty and clarity we plow through them in an effort to uphold the hurting individuals, and walk with them through a lifelong redemptive journey. With our society screaming out so many messages the battle for the souls of our youth is ever growing. Imitations of "the real thing" are all around, and disbelief and doubt prevail. By stripping away the fodder of image, pretense, and forgery, Solid Rock is able to be a pillar of truth, a backdrop of understanding, and solid foundation upon which one can build or rebuild their life.

My personal Solid Rock motto is:

"Solid Rock Youth Ministries, Youth groups that don't suck!"

I would love to hear your response or questions regarding Solid Rock and the ministry, Email me, or if you want a real voice just call 940-ROCK and listen to the prompts. Thanks for stopping by!


  • BA in Pastoral Ministries, Southern California College
  • MA in Church Leadership, Southern California College

Youth Experience:

  • Solid Rock Youth Ministries (6 years Co-Founder)
  • Church Youth Director (5 years)

Ren Weits, Secretary and Treasurer

I have been volunteering in youth ministry for about ten years now and each year I see a greater need for our young people to know God. For me knowing God has been my hope and the only thing that has kept me going, especially when I was young. Therefore, I want teens to have that same hope and joy in their lives. I want to know what a difference He makes in lives.

Why Solid Rock Youth Ministries?

Solid Rock is an organization that reaches the teens that don't know God at all, or have a limited knowledge of Him, but know relationship with Him. I personally cannot imagine going one day without knowing that God is in control and everything will work out according to His plan and good purpose. Solid Rock recognizes the fact that kids are searching for something to fill the empty void in their lives. They are looking for somewhere to fit in, somewhere to belong, somewhere to feel important and loved. Solid Rock gives teens this feeling of belonging. It gives them a positive place to hang out and be accepted. I am always amazed at the hopelessness of our future generation. They feel they have nothing to live for and no one to care. They act like what they do know has know bearing on their future because they see know future. Solid Rock, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can help our young people know that God cares. They will learn that the only thing that matters is their relationship with God. None of the other stuff matters, no politics, no "religion," no do's and don'ts--just God.

My personal Solid Rock motto is:

"If Jesus walked on the earth today he would be with the sick, lonely, and lost--This is where I see our teenagers."

P.S. Until you find something worth dying four, your not really living!


  • Medical and General Office Bookkeeping (12 years)

Youth Experience:

  • Solid Rock Youth Ministries (6 years)
  • Youth Ministries Volunteer (10 Years)

Thank You To Our Adult Volunteers!

Kelli Carney
Amy Anderson
Charles Baker DC
Charlene Baker
Roopa Banerjee
Nicci Bilodeau
Trevor Braun
Sharon Brooks
Lee Brooks
Susan Blue
Angela Brennan
Chris Brennan
Marge Carl
Joe DePalla
Von DePalla
Denise Forest
Lynn Giraud
Amy Happ
Shelly Harwell
Cathleen Hill
Chris Humphrey
John Humphrey
Debbie Hurni
Zack Jones
Lori Jones
Sophie Jurdel
Jim Kerrigan
Mo Kincad
Matt Kinsella
Joe LeCroix
Lisa Larsen
Paul Larsen
Denise Lopez
Michelle McGinn
Leslie Markley
Suzanne Markley
Molly Mason
Diana Olona
Parker Bikes
Mary Pierce
Chris Pickett
Jeff Spencer
Patrick Stone
Allen Stout
Sherlyn Stout
Dina Tolini
Jerry Waterman
Ren Weits
Sharon White
Tom White
Keven Winder
Kimberly Winder
Dave Woolfall
Jeff Yeary
Buz Yocum
Charleen Yocum
Danelle Yocum
David Yocum
Karen Yocum

The following names have contributed several hours to the ministry of Solid Rock Youth Ministries. Without Compensation, without honor, without glory, and sometimes silently. All for the sake of our communities youth.

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